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A forgotten treasure

Zenith Watches

Client: Financial Times X Zenith.
Project type: branded content, digital display ads & social media.
Role: art direction, UX & UI design.
Project title: A forgotten treasure.
Web development: Niv Suresh.
Cartoonist: Cosey.
Year: 2019.

Key objective: reignite excitement and create a renewed interest in Zenith's iconic watch, 'El Primero' (1969), on its 50th anniversary. The aim is to position 'El Primero' as not just a historic timepiece but as a symbol of timeless innovation and craftsmanship.
Challenge: strike a balance between celebrating the watch's heritage and showcasing its contemporary relevance.
Target audience: HNWI, HTSI luxury & lifestyle readers, and watch enthusiasts worldwide.
Approach: research > brand experience > brand activation and roll out.
Deliverables: the main deliverable for this project was a responsive bespoke one-page scroller website which included scroll-to-view animations and cinematic transitions from and based on the original print artworks from the artist. A social media and advertising campaign were also devised to promote this project from the launch and throughout.

Zenith A Forgotten Treasure — Campaign Mind Map
Zenith A Forgotten Treasure — Website Homepage
Zenith A Forgotten Treasure — Website 1969
Zenith A Forgotten Treasure — Website The Movement
Zenith A Forgotten Treasure — Website From Mechanical to Quartz
Zenith A Forgotten Treasure — Website 1971
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Single Image
Single Image
Zenith A Forgotten Treasure — Website El Primero
Zenith A Forgotten Treasure — Website Socials on Mobile
Zenith A Forgotten Treasure — Print Advert
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