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RM UP-01 Ferrari

Richard Mille + Ferrari

Project type: branded content, digital display, ads and social media.
Role: art direction, UX & UI design.
Web development: Niv Suresh.
Digital design: Giulia Monterrosa.
Digital producer: Kate Armstrong.
Year: 2022.

Client: Financial Times X Richard Mille and Ferrari.
Project title: Performance as an indicator of style.
Key objective: craft a distinctive, refined, and engaging narrative that highlights the remarkable partnership between Richard Mille and Ferrari, resulting in the creation of the RM UP-01 Ferrari timepiece.
Target audience: HNWI, HTSI luxury & lifestyle readers, and watch enthusiasts in Europe.
Approach: research > brand experience > brand activation and roll out.
Deliverables: one-page scrolling website that is responsive and optimised for various devices, digital display ads for, and social media assets for different platforms. The website features videos, a 360° product gallery, an interactive experience showcasing the inside and outside of the watch, and an article highlighting the distinctiveness and opulence of the watch.
Campaign duration: one month.

Results: 9K+ page views, 8.5K+ visits, 85+ avg attention time (sec), 70% avg scroll depth, 8K+ total unique users, 3.5M+ marketing impressions, 18K+ marketing clicks, and 20.5K+ social engagements.

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Richard Mille's Mobile Version
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