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The Journey To Net Zero

Advertising + UI & UX
Project type: branded content campaign
Role: art direction, UI & UX design
Web development: Niv Suresh
Year: 2021

Client. Financial Times X BlackRock

The challenge. To highlight BlackRock's focus on affordability, temperature alignment frameworks, and data-driven impact measurement. There was also a tight two-week timeline for the design, and development of the hub, which needed to be ready for COP26.

Key objective. Develop a compelling and unique storyline that showcases BlackRock's efforts towards promoting sustainable energy.

Target audience. Professional and Retail Investors, and opinion former across the EMEA.

Approach. Research > brand experience > launch > evaluation & optimisation.

Deliverables. A responsive and adaptive bespoke hub, digital display ads, a 3d gallery, and social media assets for the various platforms.

Campaign duration. One month.

Insights. 29K+ page views, average attention time 47s, average video view duration 1:30m+, 5K+ visits, 25K+ unique users, 3K+ video engagement, 1.7M+ marketing impressions, 4.4K+ marketing clicks to BlackRock's website, and 680+ social engagements.

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BlackRock's Homepage
BlackRock's Content Carousel
BlackRock's Article
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BlackRock's 3D Gallery
BlackRock's Digital Display Ads X Internal Usage
BlackRock's Digital Display Ads X ft.com
BlackRock's Homepage On Mobile
BlackRock's Article On Mobile
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