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Mystical meow


Project title: Mystical Meow.
Project type: art prints, NFTs.
Theme: creative portraits of women with a white cat.
Year: 2023.

Concept: Four illustrated portraits of young women embodying an elusive and enigmatic aura.
Their names are, from left to right, first row: Llau-Ra Thémavij and Beat-Rix, second row: Matil-Day and Keli-Lla.
Their adorable white cat Magù is a mystical creature on his own and further emphasises the image, which adds to the overall aesthetic.
The fashion style of the young women is chic with interesting textures and intricate details, emphasizing their unique personalities and individuality.

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Mystical Meow
Mystical Meow
Mystical Meow
Mystical Meow
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