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Hope is a waking dream

Animation, NFT

Project type: animation, NFT.
Role: motion graphics, music.
Soundtrack: 'Cosmic Eloquence, I'. Written by Gianfranco Fagotto. ℗ 2020 GF.
Year: 2021.

Concept: hope is an act of the imagination that is so compelling that we believe it to be real, just like when we are captivated by the apparent reality of a dream during sleep. A dream symbolises the belief that anything is possible. So believing in that even when you are wide awake, now, that is real hope! ‘Hope is a waking dream’ is actually a verbatim quote attributed to Aristotle (4th century BC) by Diogenes Laërtius (3rd century AD), in ‘Lives of Eminent Philosophers’.

Listen to the soundtrack on SoundCloud. The NFT is available to buy on Voice.

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